Classroom Counseling Lessons

September Lessons:

Our kindergarten students met Mrs. Counsell and learned about the role of the school counselor using a Mrs. Potato Head. We also made some delicious Friendship Salad. We included Bubbly Blueberries, Proud Pears, Open-Minded Oranges, Pretty Peaches, Amazing Apples, and Calm Cantaloupes in our Friendship Salad. We all agreed we did not want any Rotten Bananas in our Friendship Salad! Ask your student about which character they choose be this year.

First Grade:
Our first graders met Mr. Rubin and learned about the bag of tricks that he uses to helps students. We learned that Mr. Rubin is hoping to add lots of tricks and strategies into their "bag of tricks" this year. We also learned about how to be a Bucket Filler and what it means to dip into someone else's bucket. Ask me how I have filled a bucket recently!

Second Grade:
Our second graders met Mrs. Counsell by reading a book called, "Mrs. Joyce Gives the Best High Fives!" to help understand how she can help us succeed. In our second lesson, we learned about what the difference between a "flower friend" or a "cactus friend".

Third Grade:
Our third graders met Mr. Rubin and learned about how to see him and how he can help them succeed. He also revisited bucket filling and bucket dipping. In the second lesson, students learned about how to determine the size of their problem and how this can help manage their reactions to situations.

Fourth Grade:
Fourth grade students met Mrs. Counsell and learned how and when to visit with her. We also learned Simon's Hook strategies on how to remain a free fish and not give others control over us. We also practiced using these strategies in our second lesson.

Fifth Grade:
Fifth graders met Mr. Rubin and learned how and when to visit with him. Students talked about the tricks they have learned in elementary school so far. We also completed a group decision making activity called "What's in the Plane?" It was a great starting point for a discussion on how to work in a group and compromise to make the group successful.