School-wide Events

Mays Chapel

This February we celebrated Black History Month with an essay and illustration contest. Students had the choice of writing an essay or drawing a picture based on this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: “Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.” Over 30 students participated in our first ever contest and shared their writing and artistic talents with our aMAYSing community! The winners from the art contest were:

Steven B., Ms. Pawlak’s class

Laura C., Ms. Southern’s class.

The winners of the essay contest were:

Lila K., Ms. Montgomery’s class

Harliv K., Ms. Puopolo’s class

Rishika I., Ms. Ostrander’s class

Miguel D., Ms. Watson’s, class

Anjani B., Ms. Caplan’s class


Congratulations to all of you and thanks for making our contest such a special event!